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3 Amazing Places in Plovdiv: European Capital of Culture 2019

By February 6, 2019June 26th, 2019No Comments
3 Amazing Places in Plovdiv

Have you ever been to Plovdiv?

No, yet?

Well, Mybudgy is going to give you some pretty awesome reasons why you have to include this European capital of culture into your next travel plan for 2019.

It is easy and cheap to hire a car if you prefer to get to Plovdiv this way.

Plovdiv is remarkable in many ways but the history of the city makes it absolutely astonishing. This Bulgarian city is a cradle of ancient civilizations such as Thracians, Romans and others.

Plovdiv is older than Roma, Athens and Constantinople.

Are you totally into it already?

If you need more convincing, keep reading!

Mybudgy is going to introduce you top 3 places in Plovdiv that you need to visit.

1. Roman City

Roman City
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Inside this old city you can find a whole complex of structures and buildings. The most popular is the Ancient theatre. History has been more than generous to this city and today it draws countless number of tourists every year.

It is well-preserved and undoubtedly it`s one of the most important finding from the Roman period.

If you decide to go to Plovdiv you need to know that the Ancient theatre is situated in the saddle between Taksim tepe and Dzhambaz tepe.

Constructed on the 1st century this theatre is supposed to have gathered around 3500 viewers.

It was built during the reign of Emperor Domitian and it had been considered as a pearl of Plovdiv.

However, the Ancient Stadium is the most impressive structure in the Roman city. The monument offers great opportunities for pictures so you can save the lovely moment in Plovdiv forever.

2.Singing Fountains

Singing Fountains

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Once you see the singing fountains in Plovdiv you will never forget them.

They are part of the Tsar Simeon`s Garden – one of the oldest parks in Bulgaria. It is close to the centre of Plovdiv and local people love to stroll around it.

If you want to relax or just to spend a nice family evening in peaceful surrounding Tsar Simeon`s Garden and more precisely Singing Fountains are waiting for you.

Their beautiful show of lights and classical music will soothe your soul and warm your heart.


The fountains don’t work during the winter season but all tourists can enjoy them again during the spring.


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If you want to find the DNA of Plovdiv – visit Kapana.

The district is comparable to Roma, Amsterdam, Budapest and every other European city that keeps the spirit of the country itself.

Kapana is close to the centre of the city. You can get to it on foot because almost all streets are forbidden for cars.

In the past this amazing district was famous for craftsmen industries. It emerged 5 centuries ago and every corner was soaked with history. Nowadays, even the street`s names are keepers of the bygones.

Zhelezarska Str (literal translation:  Iron Str) and Zlatarska Str (literal translation:  Gold Str) are just two of the many streets that make Kapana a place to remember.

For the last few years Plovdiv is host of Kapana fest and in 2019 this ancient city is chosen for European capital of culture.

Undoubtedly Plovdiv is a magical place. This land is a spring of legends which local people will be more than happy to tell you.

Of course, one of them is the story for the 7 hills that make Plovdiv so special. In Bulgaria these 7 hills are known as tepetas.

There are many fables about how they have emerged. Make sure you read about the Greek God Poseidon and the maiden Rodopa.

This Bulgarian city is going to charm you.

In the end of the day you`d like to get more of it.

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Let`s make your next trip one to remember!

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