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Top 6 Bulgarian Villages for a Weekend Trip

By February 14, 2019June 26th, 2019No Comments
6 Bulgarian Villages

Do you crave for a beautiful and peaceful place?

Would you like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city?

Believe me or not, you are looking for a picturesque Bulgarian village. 

You are a lucky one because in Bulgaria we have plenty of them. If you still wonder whether you should come here, I’ll recommend you read this article very carefully.

I`ll introduce you to some of the oldest villages in Bulgaria. You can choose a few and spend a wonderful time among nature.

The traditional Bulgarian atmosphere is still alive there and you will find it is equally precious for Bulgarians and foreigners.

You can reach them with a car so don’t worry, I promise it will be worth it.

Let`s get started!

1. Ribaritsa


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Every year hundreds of tourists go there especially during the weekends. However, it`s way better during the workdays.

It`s the longest village in our country and keeps the original Bulgarian spirit alive.

If you choose to visit Ribaritsa in spring you will make no mistake. Melting snow goes away to let the new life begin. Whole area is located in the foot of the Balkan Mountains.

The air is crystal clear as is the water.

There are hotels in Ribaritsa but I suggest you to book a guesthouse. You will find it cozier and the householders are even more willing to make your time pleasant.

This place is in only 130km northeast from the capital.

In summary, rent a car and go there.

2. Stob


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Have you ever seen Grand Canyon with your own eyes?


Don’t worry, because Bulgaria is full of surprises. Near the amazing village Stob you will be able to enjoy the marvellous Stob pyramids. They’re like a little version of Grand Canyon.

Actually, these nature’s forms are even better because they are not just rocks and sand. The vegetation in the area will mesmerize you. There are lilac trees in spring season and the air is saturated with their fragrance.

Stob is a nice village with a church from which the path for the pyramids starts. There is a parking lot so you have a spot to park the rental car.

The entrance is paid but the price is rather symbolic – only 1 euro.

3. Bulgari

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Bulgarian spirit has many manifestations. One of them is hidden in a nice village deep in Strandzha Mountain.

Its name is Bulgari and people living still there keep alive an ancient tradition. Bulgarians call it Nestinarstvo and it was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.  Bulgari is the last village in the country with a status of folklore reserve.

During the day of Sts. Constantine and Helen you can see the celebration only in this place.

It last for a whole day but the most interesting part is after sundown. Then people set a fire and holding an icon of the two saints they dance barefoot on the zest. It all has begun thousands of years ago when the Thracians used to perform this dance as a ritual worshiping the sun.

If you happen to be in the region in this time of the year you don’t miss the spectacular show.

4. Ganchovets

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Each country has a specific drink.

For Czech Republic this is the beer. For Spain is sangria. For Scotland it is whiskey.

In this line of thoughts Bulgaria also has a traditional drink. We call it rakia.

Ganchovets is the place where the festival “Rakia-Magia” is held since 2008.

In this little village come people from England, Scotland, Germany, Russia and others. They do this every year during September in order to enjoy the variety of flavours that Bulgarian drink can offer.

Canchovets is only 20 km away from Veliko Turnovo – Bulgaria`s former capital.

There is no need to say that except for the festival it`s worth it to visit the village for the Balkan`s striking nature.

5. Kovachevitsa

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This village is a treasure.

Many people say that Kovachevitsa is a peak in the Bulgarian architecture during National Revival.

Every house is made from stone. However, nothing in this place is cold or ugly.

Just the opposite, this village is a quite sunny area. Some of the most loved movies of the Bulgarian cinema industry are filmed in Kovachevitsa.

Local people recommend visiting their home during the late spring or the summer.

The path to the village is not fully asphalted and it’s a problem in rainy days.

Save yourself the trouble and avoid driving a car in bad weather conditions. You can visit Plovdiv instead.

In case you want to travel back in history and experience the life people held in Revival definitely include Kovachevitsa in your travel plan.

6. Bozhentsi

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Except for the beautiful nature, the traditional atmosphere and the delicious food, Bozhentsi is famous for giving you peace of mind.

It’s not the village itself, it is the path leading to the village. People who have been there are positive about two things.

First, you should be prepared for many bends and a few misleading signs.

Second, this path is surrounded by one of the most picturesque landscapes ever. Your soul fills up with joy and your mind lets the tension go away.

As Bozhentsi is a reserve it has opening hours.

You can visit it from June to September daily between 8:30AM and 7 PM.

There is English-speaking tour for people who would like to know more about the region.

Every single one of these villages will show you the beauty of our nature. It will leave you breathless. It will show you that the meaning of life is hidden in little places. Human`s soul experience a catharsis which big cities cannot give you.

Only the purity of nature can do this. Only there one will be able to hear their inner voice.

Go find your magical place. There are lots of them in Bulgaria.  

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