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Rent a Car Tips and Tricks

8 Things to Consider before Renting a Car: Part One

By January 31, 2019June 26th, 2019No Comments

Your next business trip is coming?

You`re not so satisfy with the rental company you have used so far?

If you need more information, I`ll give a few things to consider before choosing another company for rental cars.

Believe me or not little bit of research can come in handy. In case you have never hired a car before I`d suggested you to read even more carefully.

So stay with me and let`s jump right there.

1.Size is important

Of course it is.

Size is determinant in many aspects. Price, for example, is highly dependent on the type of a rental car. You can hire a car from different class and types – economic, luxurious, combi and so on.

If your trip is related to your job maybe you don’t have to take a big car. Instead choose an automobile that will make you feel comfortable and relax.

If your work is stressful there no need to be the same with your business trip.

In case you set out with the idea of a family trip you better get a bigger rental car. Thus you can gather whole luggage.

Moreover, it`s a myth that you will have more fuel expenses with a bigger rental car. If you happen to start a journey with more than 6 people you may consider the option with a minivan as well.

2.The earlier the better

Don’t wait for the last week to hire a car.

It`s not alike airlines and the lowest prices aren’t available at the last minute.

The earlier you find and book your car the better.

This is rule №1 for summer travelers. During the busy season is almost impossible to rent a car especially in a low price.

However, some companies can give you a discount for early booking. It`s worth making a bit of research in advance. You may be surprise that not only early booking is better but small companies give you better conditions then bigger ones on the whole.

You will agree with me they strongly take care of their customers because the mouth from mouth recommendation is their indisputable strength.

Come on, picking up the phone or sending them an email is so easy and can save you money. Numbers are nor for neglecting.

Don’t you agree?

3.Look beyond the airport

I know it easy and convenient, but it also more expensive and risky to rent a car at the airport.

Probably you think I’m out of my mind saying that but let me explain.

Rental companies that offer you to rent a car at the airport are the big ones. You will get yourself a solid fee if something happen with the car. Even a scratch could cost you a lot of unnecessary money and troubles.

Not to mention the lines. You don’t think you`ll be the only one wanting to hire an automobile, do you?

Instead, you can book a car from small company and select a pick up from the terminal. You can choose transfer service if you prefer a rental car with a driver.

You have many opportunities. You may escape the harrying drive out and the standing on lines of the airport. Just remember renting a car at the airport is not always the best decision.

Stay with me now because the best is yet to come.

4.The insurances

There is always something you don’t know about them.

Let me lift the veil for you!

One of the possible insurances you can choose is so called full cover. Be careful though because not every piece of the car is included in it. You might be surprise to find out tires and windows are usually not covered by this kind of insurance.

Some rent a car companies do include them in full cover insurance but they are minority.

Generally you may decide to take an insurance only for your rental car`s tires and windows.

Lately really popular are insurances without a deposit. They are the best option for the driver because they cover every piece of the rental car.

However, the greatest part is that many credit cards offer insurance for rental cars.

What this means is that thanks to your bank you already have everything necessary coved and you don’t have to pay more for any kind of insurance.

If you are looking for more than a rental car, you feel free to look at our Budgy catalog.

We`ll be happy to make your next trip one to remember!

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