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Top 5 Beaches in Lefkada, Greece

By March 29, 2019June 24th, 2021No Comments
Top 5 Beaches in Lefkada, Greece

Time is coming to plan your summer holiday. Undoubtedly, one of the top destinations in Europe to relax during sunny months are Greek beaches. If I have to specify, beaches of Lefkada are amid the favourite ones to tourists.

There is nothing really surprising about that because Lefkada will fascinate your mind and captive your heart. You will be enchanted by the marvellous nature around you.

Soft sea waves touch gently coastline and dance under the tune of a magical nature symphony. Just imagine it! It’s a heaven on earth.

Keep reading to find which Lefkada`s beaches are the closest thing to paradise on this latitude.

1. Porto Katsiki beach

Porto Katsiki beach
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GPS Coordinates: 38.601174, 20.550334

According to many Porto Katsiki is considered the unquestionable № 1. the beauty of this beach makes it popular are well-known on postcard, souvenirs and images.

It is one of the beaches which are easiest to be reached. You can go there with a boat or with a car. Most of the parking lots are paid (around 4 Euros per hour), but you can still come across to a free one as well. They aren’t a majority though so better don’t have big expectations.

After leaving the rental car you need to take the stairs in order to go on the beach. Two things will make you speechless straight away.

Firstly, the view of crystal clear water and mighty rocks around you will stop your breath. If you go there right before sundown you will see how rocks change their colour from white to red and golden.

Close your eyes and try to see. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Secondly, Porto Katsiki is the busiest beach in the summer season. There are too many people which often makes it overcrowded. Probably this is something you don’t want to imagine beforehand.

2. Vassiliki beach

Vassiliki beach
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GPS Coordinates: 38.629856, 20.603469

Hidden in the south part of Lefkada island, Vassiliki is preferred by sport fanciers. Besides, the beach is one of the most popular for windsurfing and water sports. It is usually windy in afternoons but water is still and smooth along the whole day.

Vassiliki is a small village that has everything needed for a peaceful family holiday. If you decide to stay in a hotel you can find some literally 50 metres from the beach. Leaving the rental car in the hotel` parking lot will save you some worries for sure.

Of course, Vassiliki also offers nice shoreline and pleasing view over the horizon.

3. Kathisma beach

Kathisma beach
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GPS Coodinates: 38.776793, 20.600200

Katizma is a large beach and you will find it extremely easy to reach it with a car. The beach is very well organised with nice restaurants and cool bars along the seafront.

Moreover, Katizma is popular as a “party” place. This is youths` paradise as you can enjoy delicious fresh fish dishes, relax and drink gorgeous cocktails around the pool or dance over the sounds of loud music.

Katizma impresses with the turquoise color of the water, which might seem slightly cooler in comparison with Vassiliki.

It’s not difficult to come to the realization that the easy access with a car is a solid reason for the thousands of tourists.

If you want to spend some quiet time on the beach in spite of the fact that is full of people, I recommend you to go to the most southern part of Katizma. You will recognize the place thanks to a group of rocks on the sand and in the water.

Some travellers say that is a natural continuation of Katizma whereas others claim that is part of Kalamitsi (another magnificent Lefkada beach).

4. Agiofili beach

Agiofili beach
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GPS Coordinates: 38.605481, 20.612905

This Lefkada`s beach is great for water adventures with snorkelling. You will be fascinated by the colours and fish in this this underwater world. Now imagine this in combination with crystal water.

Don’t you think its a heaven on earth?

It`s not recommended to visit Agiofili in July and August as it too hot andcrowded. The easiest way to get to the beach is with a boat taxi from Vassiliki. You feel free to use a car as well but be prepared that the road isn’t asphalted and has more bents than the previous Lefkada beaches.

Parking spots are limited but if you go earlier in the morning can find some.

5. Pefkoulia beach

Pefkoulia beach
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GPS Coordinates: 38.809194, 20.632379

Of course, I left the best for dessert.

This is the Lefkada`s beach with the easiest access. You can put your towel on the sand and enjoy the sun. Fortunately, Pefkoulia isn’t so crowded as the others I wrote about.

What you need to know is that half of the beach is a nude zone. Maybe it`s not the perfect beach for family vacation but if you don’t have kids with you, it’s worth visiting.

Location is more than good as green pine trees surround the beach, white beach tempts you to experience it and the blue sea makes you feel as you are blessed to see all this beauty.

Lefkada island is located 660 km from Sofia. You can reach it with a car in approximately 8 hours. Beaches on the island take top places in charts for exotic and must-see destinations, especially in Europe.

If you want to go to Greece, Lefkada is ideal for a beginning. Bulgaria`s southern neighbour is famous for other travel places as well. You can spend a marvellous day in Thessaloniki or to voyage thtough islands like Korfu, Krit, Zakintos and many others.

Greece has plenty of great options for summer vacation. Jump into the car and let Mybudge to make your trip a one to remember.