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Travel in Bulgaria

There is a legend about how God created Bulgaria.  According to it to some nations He gave beautiful lands, to others He gave breathtaking mountains, to the third God gifted beautiful seas and shores.

However, when the Bulgarian turn came there was nothing left so The Lord took part from Heaven and handed it to Bulgarian people. Thus, Bulgaria showed up on the map.

If you need convincing that this country is beyond beautiful, rent a car and drive through it all around. Start your journey from Black sea on the east and go to Vitosha Mountain on the west. If you wish you can enjoy the Danube in the north, then head to the Rhodope Mountains in the south.

Using a rental car is the easiest way to admire Bulgaria far and wide. The land of roses is what many people call this country which is not just because of the aromatic flowers but also because of the fascinating women.

Bulgaria awaits you.

Come visit it. Make your next trip one to remember!