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10 Irreplaceable Free Apps for a Road Trip: Updated List 2019

By June 26, 2019June 24th, 2021No Comments

Are you ready for adventure?

You can’t help it but making plans for the next road trip? I totally understand you! Organizing a journey can be fun and responsibility at the same time. This is 100% true if you travel with kids.

However, I`ll introduce you to 10 irreplaceable free apps which will navigate you through the process of planning and travelling both.

Here are a number of the best apps, recommended by the most experienced travellers.

I advise you to consider them for your upcoming road trip.

1.    Waze

2.    fuelGr

3.    Offline maps and navigation

4.    Radarbot

5.    Visit a city

6.    Guides by lonely planet

7.    Parkme

8.    PackKing

9.    Money manager

10.    Currency converter

1.    Waze

Undoubtedly, waze is travellers` favourite app. Most of them will suggest you to deny taking a GPS when renting a car. Instead, you can use a free app like Waze.

It`ll give you information about

–    Traffic jams

–    Traffic police

–    Road condition

–    Cheap fuel stations on the road

–    Speed cameras

–    Alternative routes to avoid congestion

Save yourself the stress using this amazing travel app.

2.    fuelGr

Many people take a flight to Bulgaria, rent a car in Sofia, spend here about a week and then set off to some of our neighbours.

It`s not surprising that one of the most preferred destinations is Greece. Tourists choose to spend a marvellous day in Thessaloniki or directly to drive to some splendid beach on the coastline.

If you put Greece in your road trip plan, fuelGr will turn out to be an irreplaceable app for you. It will inform you about fuel prices and gas stations on the road.

The application even provides a facility for the user to suggest the right station position in case of misplaced ones.

3.    Offline maps and navigation

Using your mobile internet in EU countries is easy but restrictive. What if you decide to go to Macedonia, for example?

In this case, you can rely on offline maps and navigation free app.

It will help you:

–    Save money on roaming charges

–    Track the speed limitations on the road

–    Park the rented car in free lots

–    Navigate you when you sightseeing on foot

–    Escape the traffic

–    Stay save as recording the road ahead and automatically saves a video in case of an accident

Don’t let the lack of internet connection to ruin your road trip.

4.    Radarbot

Don’t worry about speeding fines ever again!

Many travellers around the world recommend this accurate speed camera detector. It is an important app when driving in a foreign country.

Radarbot will warn you about all kind of speed cameras:

–    Traffic light camera

–    ANPR cameras

–    Tunnel cameras

–    Fixed cameras

–    Potential mobile cameras

Many local people use it as well. Radarbot will become your irreplaceable app-friend when you drive.

5.    Visit a city

This is such a lovely app which will take care of you having an unforgettable time in the chosen city.

You will see that most of the Bulgarian landmarks can be found with the app.

It gives you information where you can go and what to see. No matter if you want to explore spectacular Bulgarian caves or to visit magnificent Belogradchik rocks. “Visit a city” is full of ideas – enjoy them.

6.    Guides by lonely planet

This one is really special!

Stay with me now and I’ll lift the veil for you. “Guides by lonely planet” will give you the information provided by expert-curated city guides.

They share tips about where to stay, what to do, where to eat etc. You don’t want to waste your time on boring things misled by exaggerated rumours.

Use this free app and you will see why I call it “irreplaceable”.

7.    Parkme

One of the biggest concerns, when you rent a car, is to find a safe spot to park it.

The app “Parkme” will give you a variety of parking options for the rental car. It scans the area to find every possible spot. You will get all free and paid parking lots which surrounded you.

In other words, the free app “Parkme” will save you a lot of time and troubles.

8.    PackKing

Even the best amid the travellers need a little help sometimes. To take a road trip with your loved ones is a unique experience but requires serious preparation. If you want a journey longer than a week, you would better have some help.

Occasionally organizing everything for your next road trip can be frustrating. This is why I recommend using the free app “PackKing”.

It makes it easy to figure out what items you shouldn’t forget to pack into your luggage.

9.    Money manager

We easily lost a track of money on the road, especially if we pay with a card.

The best way to avoid awkward situations is to write down everything we spent. Of course, there is just a perfect free app for the goal.

“Money manager” will inform you about your financial activity. It allows you to organize your payments by categories – car, tax, insurance, food, beverages, petrol etc.

You can go on using it even after the road trip in your everyday life.

It may turn out to be quite surprising where your money is going. 

10.    Currency converter

Some of the previous apps have the option to convert currencies. However, the interface of this converter is very easy to work with. You have the main currencies, including a Bulgarian lev, which will make it easier for you travelling around Bulgaria.

I’m sure you will be grateful to have this free app on your smartphone when going on the road trip around East Europe.

You will find the extraordinary beauty of this land. Now when you have a list with the best free apps for road trippers, I suggest you rent a car and spend a lovely time with your closest ones.

Mybudgy will help make your next trip one to remember!