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6 Myths for Rental Cars which are still Alive in 2019

By February 24, 2019June 26th, 2019No Comments

2019 is here as are some of the eternal myths for rental cars.

They sound like:

I can’t effort to rent a car.

Rental cars are too expensive.

I will have to pay for damage even if it’s not my fault.

We all have heard these rental cars` myths at some point.

And now you are wondering why am I telling you all that?

Every industry has its myths. The business of rental cars isn’t an exception.

Rumors about rent-a-car companies are even more terminal than the ones spread in other spheres of life.  However, there is no benefit of false assumptions for anyone.

This is why in this article I will break 5 of the most famous myths about rental companies.

Keep reading, because I am just starting.

1.Rental cars are too expensive

Oh yeah, myth №1 is adorable, isn’t it?

It is so common that even people who don’t have a driving license have heard it. Renting a car can cost you more money only in two cases.

In the first one, you will have to pay more if you want to hire a high-class automobile.

In the second one, it will be more expensive if you look for a rental car at the last moment.

Experts in this industry are sure that sometimes it`s cheaper to rent a car instead of owning it.

2.Brand new car = reliability

Well, you may be really surprised to understand that is just a myth and the opposite is true.

Let me clarify!

According to experts, a car which has already shown its manufacturing defects is ways more reliable. Not to mention that price is also extremely tempting.

A 5-10 years old car is ideal for being rented because it is cheaper for the client. Moreover, it will cost less for them or the rental company to repair it in case of damage.

If a car is well maintained it will be reliable despite its age.

3.Paying for damage that isn’t my fault

This myth has something in common with the previous one.

People usually believe that if a car is shinier there is little chance to accuse them of damage.

It is strange that myth is still alive because experts give some pretty unquestionable reasons why this cannot be true.

First, as more scratches, a rental car has as more little is the opportunity to accuse you of causing any damage.

What you need to know is that each car has a file and damages are described in details inside of it.

There is no reason for rental companies to charge you more for a defect that has already been there.

4.The bigger rental company, the better

It depends!

This myth is more than alive in 2019. It is actually immortal because people associated big companies with certainty.

What you maybe don’t know is that bigger companies for rental cars have 2 huge disadvantages.

First, they will not forgive you even for small damage. They will make you pay for every scratch.

Second, the chance to get personal attitude is less in comparison with small rent-a-car companies.

The big ones have contracts with the airports and tourists don’t think twice before renting from them but you want to do it smarter, don’t you.

Do your homework in advance. Don’t let common myths to make you fool.

Giving credit to a small company can be a nice start to your trip.

5.You pay anyway so take car`s soul

This myth is really funny because people believe that can do everything with the rental car as they pay for it.

Usually in life what goes around come back around. In other words, the purpose of rental companies isn’t to take all your money so doesn’t harass the car.

They want you to be satisfied with their services. It will be great for them if you use their rental cars next time you are in town.

Furthermore, they hope you will recommend them to your friends and acquaintances.

Well, if you have nice experience, why not?

6.New client=better conditions

This is not a telecom business. Don’t think that you’ll get the best conditions if every time you rent a car from a different company.

That myth has led many people into a mistake.

Keep reading to understand why.

Companies for rental cars work mostly with tourists. This is why they don’t have many loyal clients.

Of course, like any other business they would be happy if people like their service and use it more than once. This is the reason why they give those clients the most tempting terms and prices.

If you happen to find a rental car that suffices all your needs, better don’t change it without reason.

Don’t bother you can’t effort renting a car because they aren’t too expensive. It’s a myth which obviously is going on living during 2019 as well.

There are some really important things to consider before renting a car, but having them in mind will guarantee you not becoming a victim of rumors or myths.

Be smarter and rent a car from a company that will be happy to make your next trip one to remember!

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