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3 Reasons to Visit Transylvania

By January 26, 2019June 26th, 2019No Comments
Ttransylvania- Budgy

To decide to travel is to decide to live!

Traveling makes us eager to experience new things. It excites our imagination and stimulates us to want more of life.

There are places where you can forget about daily life. These places are special and now we`re going to tell you about some of them.

Transylvania is a lovely area with a perfect landscape of the Carpathian Mountain Range.

There are barely people in the world who have not heard about Transylvania.

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in folklore or not the historical value of this place is undeniable.

So this is why Mybudgy is going to give you 3 reasons to get into the car and spend the next couple of days enjoying this beautiful region.

Reason №1

Bran Castle aka Dracula Castle

Dracula Castle

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You have heard of it, haven’t you?

Definitely it is one of the most famous castles in the world. Even if you don’t like Bram Stoker`s novel this ancient building worth being visited.

The first sources of its existence are from the distant 13 century.  It is built on the edge of an abyss with numerous staircases, halls and corridors. They are a lot of entrances and mysterious labyrinths inside which are just another reason to empower your imagination.

And now you`re probably thinking that whole the fame is because of the “Dracula”.

And maybe you are partly right.

But just partly.

This old castle is situated in a splendid area which revel a magnificent landscape of ambient mountains.

Although the castle is closed during the night this is the time when it is extremely beautiful because of the lights.

Bran castle is only 30km away from Brasov. You can reach the castle in less than an hour enjoying a nice car ride.

Reason №2

Peles Castle

Peles Castle
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If you make a ranking list with the prettiest European castles, the astonishing Peles Castle will find a place amid them for sure.

The castle is situated in Sinaia among the breathtaking nature of the Carpathian Mountain Range. The beautiful building emerged in 19th century as a king Carol`s summer residence.

All 160 rooms are richly decorated with artworks, wood carvings, leather, furnishing etc.

Today Peles castle is a museum known by local people and tourists. For many it looks like a palace from tales with amazing gardens and lovely hallways.

Just a few meters away you will find another castle – Pelisor. According to many it`s worth it as well.

Peles castle isn’t away from Sinaia.

Many people go by foot from the city to the museum.

Of course, you can use a car as well. There is a parking lot in the complex but you should definitely consider the traffic.

Sinaia is the most famous ski resort in Romania.

Summer lovers don’t worry!

This region is appropriate for hiking and climbing during the sunny months so you can enjoy it without regard to seasons.

Reason №3

Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle

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We believe 3 is a magical number so here it is – Corvin Castle.

Its other name is Hunyadi castle. It is named after the noble Hunyadi family.

The castle was built in gothic style though there still could be found ornaments from the Renaissance.

It is biggest in comparison with the other two and unlike them this is more like a fortress. Its towers are tall and mighty, designed for defense.

Some legends claim that Vlad Dracula spent years in captivity in this castle. According to this belief, he was held hostage for seven years by John Hunyadi, Hungary’s then regent and military leader.

It is said that Corvin castle can make you feel the real spirit of Transylvania.

Many people choose to get to the fortress by a car. Renting a car is comfortable and easy.

Around the place you will find a parking area but you need to have in mind the traffic in this case too.

Look our Budgy catalog with cars and pick the one that suits you well.

Let`s make your next trip one to remember!

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