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Rent a Car Tips and Tricks

Rent a Car vs Public Transport in Bulgaria: Pro`s and Con`s

By January 26, 2019June 26th, 2019No Comments
Rent a Car in Bulgaria

Are you in the process of planning a trip?

Do you need some guidance on renting a car vs other options?

Mybudgy will give you a piece of advice on choosing the right transportation mode in Bulgaria.

Yet this is not the best part, though.

I`ll point out the pros and cons of using a rental car and public transport in my country.

Lets jump in right there.

Public transport:


  • It is cheap

There is no doubt that this is the cheapest way to get around in Sofia, Varna or another big city.

The price of the public transit ticket is 0.80 euro in Sofia and 0.50 in Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas.

Of course, there are public buses which are not part of the urban public transport and their price is higher. Even this way though, the cost is pretty reasonable and many people prefer this option over a rental car.

  • No need of parking space

Believe me, it is a huge benefit especially for the capital.

During the working hours it is hardly possible to find an empty parking lot. There are zones in the centre of Sofia that will get you a fine if you don’t pay or overdue the permitted time.

The situation is not very different in our sea capital – Varna. Summer is the time of the year when the traffic there is even heavier than usual.


  • Too many people

There is hardly any time during the day when buses, trams and even metro are not full of people.

The reason is the constant flow of new folks settling in the big cities.

This ceaseless ambition for more of everything attracts enormous amount of people to Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. Eventually they become overcrowded.

You can barely breath packed like a sardines in public transport in rush hours and not to mention the awful traffic.

  • Behind schedule

Evertything except for the metro is late in busy hours.

I can say without any hesitation that punctuality of the public transport is not something to rely on.

This is bearable in summer but it turns out to be a disaster during winter.

If you happen to choose the metro over other kind of transportation be prepared for the crowd.

Hiring a car can save you a lot of frustration!

  • It takes time

To be honest, the duration of your ride depends on your final destination.

For instance, if you want to get to the National History Museum before closing for visitors better secure yourself with a different option.

Do rental cars look even more tempting now?

Rental Car:


  • No waiting

When you have a car in stone’s throw distance this definitely gives you freedom.

There is no need to wait for anyone or anything. You can go on with your travel plan undisturbed.

If you are an adventurous guy and prefer spontaneous decisions, you will find even more advantages in renting a car.

For instance, you can go for a ride to Kopitoto. This place provides an awesome bird’s eye view to Sofia, especially after sundown.

  • No luggage limitation

Well, you have to admit that travelling is way easier with a car.

It`s conspicuous when you travel with kids because they need more space and require more baggage.

  • Choose you own route

Sofia is beautiful.

If you claim otherwise most likely you haven`t seen Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia University, Ivan Vazov National Theatre and some others amazing monuments.

In spite of them being comfortably located in the city center I suggest that you go outside the capital.

Rent a car and drive around Bulgaria. In the southwest you can admire breathtaking mountains and in the northeast you will find astonishing beaches.

If you prefer to stay close to Sofia I recommend you to visit two caves – Prohodna and Saeva dupka. Both of them are in less than a 120 km ride from Sofia. Unfortunately, they are not in the same direction.

  • Save yourself the throng

Don’t underestimate the comfort of a car.

You live in the same hustle and bustle every day but that’s not what you want for your holidays, right?

I guess so!

I have already mentioned the overcrowded public transport. You`d better hire a car, make yourself comfortable, play your own music and turn even the hours in traffic into worthy time.


  • Limited parking zones

You may be surprised how difficult it turns out to be to find a place to park in Sofia.

To make it a bit more clear(confusing), there are specially designed zones in the central part of the city.

In the very centre it is the so-called blue zone. The maximum duration of your parking time is 2 hours and it will cost you 1euro per hour.

In the surrounding areas, you can park in the so-called green zone. In this case you can leave the rental car for no longer than 4 hour and you`ll need to pay 0.50 euros per hour.

You can pay by phone but you need to have a SIM card from a Bulgarian mobile operator.

I can assure you there are lots of paid parkings in the capital. However, you`d better be prepared bacause it`s a challenge to find a free parking spot.

  • Be careful with fake websites

This is something you definitely should keep an eye on.

There are few ways to assess whether a site offers real rental cars or they just aim to take your money.

First, check the social media channels. If rent-a-car company is legit they will have photos, videos or other kinds of posts on Facebook or Instagram.

Second of all, look for cutomers’ reviews. You can read comments in forums, blogs etc.

Last but not least, bear in mind if there is adequate email address and telephone number on the website.

All of the above is kind of a guarantee.

Check out our Budgy catalog with cars and pick the one that suits you well.

Let`s make your next trip one to remember!

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