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Rent a Car Tips and Tricks

How to Rent a Car in Bulgaria

By March 4, 2019June 26th, 2019No Comments

Here is how to rent a car in Bulgaria.

If you are wondering if renting a car in Bulgaria has some particularities, you will be interested in this article.

I will explain everything you need to know to hire an automobile in the roses ‘country.

Probably you want to know what conditions are or which company has the most reasonable prices?

It is difficult for many people to find information about what documents will be asked. Even more common is the question whether a driver can drive the rented car to e convenient for you spot – in front of your home for instance.

To all these and some other queries, I’ll try to give an answer so stay with me and let’s jump right in.

1.    What documents will I be asked for when renting a car in Bulgaria?

The simplest answer is a valid driving license, an ID card and a credit card.

To be more specific – don’t forget to check the details such as acceptance of your driving license in Bulgaria. Usually, if you are coming from a country in the EU, you can use your license in Bulgaria.

You can read more here.

2.    How old should I be to rent a car in Bulgaria?

There isn’t only one answer to this question because it depends on the rental company.

Some put a restriction under the age of 21 or 25. They do this because of the consideration that young drivers are more reckless and inexperienced. You don’t have to be surprised if you find out that almost all rent-a car-companies charge more money for younger drivers.

This is also a precaution.

Mybudgy will give you a rental car without taking more money for not having enough experience. No matter your age either. The only condition is to take car insurance if you’re under 23 years old.

3.    What price is reasonable when renting a car in Bulgaria?

The right answer is “It depends”.

Let me elaborate this for you.

During the summer the prices in Bulgaria are higher which is quite expected. You can hire an economy class automobile for 10 Euros off the season and for 30 Euros on the season.

In case you need a family car for 6 or 7 people and more luggage ‘space you better have in mind that will cost you around 25 Euros off the season and around 60 Euros during the summer months.

I have to warn you that as bigger a company is as more money it will charge you. Sometimes its turn out to be an enormous myth that bigger rental car companies have better service than the small ones.

4.    How can I be sure that I am not misled by the price?

My advice is to make a research. You can choose at least 3 companies for rental cars and make a price comparison.

Some experts in this business suggest to define a budget and to stick to it. They recommend also choosing the most reliable company. Read other people`s opinions, visit their social media`s platforms and make your own assumptions.

One of the things to have in mind is a 24/7 assistant. After all, it is a car and everything can happen even if it’s a brand new.

Once you find good rental car`s terms, send the company an inquiry for the wanted car.

5.    What is the contract I will have to sign with the company for rental cars?

The contract is only one type – for temporary car`s usage.

Experts in the industry say you need to look for the clause in the contract which guarantees your car replacement in case of a technical breakdown which is not your fault.

The best part is that Mybudgy is working also for better price terms.

It is Rent-a-car Company which takes care of the clients. This is the reason why we are considering including 2 kinds of pricing in our contract.

First is for the standard service which means paying for each day of car`s renting.

 Second is for people who need a car for short distance trip or only a couple of hours. They don’t have to pay for something they do not really use so Mybudge will offer them a symbolic daily price with additional low price for a kilometre.

Fulfil the contact form if you want to ask for more details.

6.    What should I be aware of when renting a car in Bulgaria?

Well, you can find a detailed answer in the article “8 Things to Consider before Renting a Car: Part One”.

The short version is that you have to be sure that everything is inscribed in the contract by details.

Thus the clients are protected by law and the company for rental cars cannot deceive them. Solid fees are something typical especially for the big ones in the industry. As a customer don’t give them a reason to disturb you.

Take the food trash off and clean the mud or the sand from the seats if there is any.

Bring the rental car back in time and check if the tank is full in order to not give them a reason to charge you for any lack of it.

If you prefer you may choose a full to empty service which is recommended by specialists in the industry. This way you take a full tank and don’t need to refill it before driving the rented car back.

Many rent-a-car companies in Bulgaria give the clients an option to bring the rented car back in a country different from the one they set their journey off.

For example, if you set down in Sofia and hire an automobile from this city you can leave it in Bucharest after a certain period of time.

The flights from there are cheap and many people decide to take advantage of this service. The opposite is also possible. You can rent a car in Bucharest and leave it in Sofia.

Mybudge encourages you to use this service because it`s eligible.

If you make research you will find that it`s not the same with other companies. Their prices are too high with purpose since they don’t count on this service and would prefer people not to choose it.

Nevertheless renting a car in Bulgaria is not difficult. If you have any questions don’t bother to ask.

Mybudge is here to make your next trip a one to remember.

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