Frequently Asked Question

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How can i book a car from Budgy Ltd?

You can send us a request by clicking on “Book Now” under the car that was choosen from you, or you can send us an email at with the following details:  your date of pick up, date of drop off, preferd hours and the type of car that you need. We will answer you promtly.

Where are located the offices of Budgy Ltd?

Budgy LTd does not have an office that works with clients. All booking processes  happen online and we are delivering your car to your door/terminal or hotel. Our main fleet is located in Sofia Bulgaria, but we are delivering vehicles to every corner of Bulgaria and the Balkans.

Do you provide deliveries to address?

Budgy LTD provides delivery to any address, everywhere in Bulgaria. We provide free delivery to Sofia center.

Can I return the car at different address from the pick up one?

Yes, you can return the car to a different place. It has rental fee depending on the distance. You can return the car in different town or country.

Can i cross the border with rent a car?

Yes you are allowed to “Border Crossing”any country on the Balcans and Europion union. There is a one time “Border Crossing” fee of 30 euro per country. However for non-EU countries  you are obliged to take our Full Cover ins. For Turkey “there is an extra 50 euro fee for translating and legalizing the papers according to the Turkish law.

Is there minimum age for renting a car?

The minimum driver age is 23 years and should have a driving license for a minimum of three years . Drivers under 23 years or with less than 3 years experience must pay additional “Full Cover ins.”. Restrictions may apply.

Do I have to make a prepayment to reserve a car?

You have to make 20% prepayment to reserve a car. You can prepay by “PayPal” or by Bank transfer.

What is include in the price?

The price includes: VAT, unlimited milleage, vignette tax (road tax), “Third party liability” insurance, delivery and pick up of the car in Sofia- center (including your hotel), 24/7 support, 2nd driver.

What additional cost i have to expect?

You may have  additionl fee for delivery if your address is different from Sofia city( it depends on the distance). 5 euro is our delivery and pick up fee for Sofia airport.

Can i drive with a a foreign driver's license?

You can drive with license issued by other country than Bulgaria.  The license have to be valid during the rental period.

What does it mean “or similar car” when choosing a model?

This means that we offer you a class of a several vehicles with the same parameters, but different brands.

Can i pay in different currency?

Yes, you can pay by your preferd currency. We are using the daily official index of the Bulgarian National Bank to convert in to our currency “lev”

Will i be refunded if i cancel my booking?

Yes, you will be refunded 70% of the prepayment  if you inform us 10 days before your reservation date.

What happens if I’m late for the returning of the car?

If you are late not more than 2 hours it is reasanoble. For more than that you have to inform us at least 8 hours before that, and you will be charge 1 day. If you don’t inform us, you will be charged 1 day for every hour after the first 2 hours.

What insureance do you offer?

Every car has “Third Party liability” included in the basic price according to the Bulgarian law. It covers damage to third person if you have a document from our police and the agreement of the third person.

“Full Body” ins.-Covers exterior damages to every part of the body of the car( exclude interior, missing parts, tyres, windscreens)

“Tyre ins.-It covers any damages made by third party or you to any of the tyres.

“WindScreen”ins. – covers  damages to any of the windscreens of the vehicle.

“Full Cover ins.- includs ( full body, tyre , windscreen ins.) and you do not have to leave us a safety deposit for the car.

What is the difference between baby seat, child seat and booster?

The difference depends on the weight, height and age of the child (up to 10 kg, 9-18 kg, 15-36 kg).

I made a booking, what is next?

If you allready send us photocopy of your driving license, delivery address, desired hour, and prepayment of 20% you will recive an email with a confirmation of your booking. We will deliver you the car to your address or we will wait for you at the airport with a sign with yor name on it.

Can I change booking details?

Yes you can, atleast 24 hours before the reservation date.

I’m arriving in Sofia Airport. Will I be expected by someone and how to reach the office?

Yes, someone from the company will wait for you in the arrivals hall with a sign with your name on it.

What is the procedure if my flight is cancelled/modified?

We are  following the schedules of the planes for delays. If your flight is cancelled we will wait for you to inform us about your next flight.